Your Own Personal Crosswalk App

Your Own Personal Crosswalk App

After attending far too many pedestrian/vehicle collisions, two Californians - one a former firefighter, one a Public Works supervisor - decided more needed to be done to help keep pedestrians safe. They developed an app – PedSafe - that let’s pedestrians create their own marked crosswalk wherever they go. I tested the PedSafe app several times last week. The strobing light really does announce a pedestrian’s presence at a significant distance. Here’s more on the app in one of the inventor’s own words:

The app utilizes a smartphone to flash a bright wig-wag pattern on the main screen. The pattern is an amber color similar to the yellow flashing lights used in traffic signals and at crossing signals. The app is activated by the user when crossing a street or using a roadway and the user points the main screen at oncoming traffic. Our testing shows that the flashing screen can be seen for up to 3 blocks away on city streets and up to 5 blocks away in more rural settings. One of the other benefits is that the user is not distracted and becomes more engaged in crossing a street safely as you cannot text or dial the phone while the app is activated. It uses an internationally known Pedestrian Symbol as the icon on the main screen for easy recognition in any language.

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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