White at Night

White at Night

Labour Day and its famous fashion edict about wearing white will soon be upon us.

There was a time when people put away their white apparel after the last long weekend of summer.

It was considered a faux pas to be seen in summer whites after Labour Day.

Today, fashionistas tell us they’ve jettisoned that restriction.

Here’s another wearing white rule that has been dumped:

‘Wear white at night’.

Wearing white at night was supposed to help drivers see pedestrians.

Optical science has now conclusively proven that wearing white at night isn’t anywhere near the help they used to think it was.

Drivers don’t see a body dressed in white much better than they see a body dressed in black.

If you really want to be seen at night – and you do! – think about adding reflectivity into your wardrobe. In particular, retroflectivity. This is the new state-of-the-art of nighttime visibility. Retroflectivity gathers up all the light approaching it and delivers it back to its source. It’s a more effective form of reflectivity, which diffuses the light.

Find a way to add this feature into your nighttime apparel.

It just might save your life.


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