What I Did Not Know About Retailing

What I Did Not Know About Retailing

Pedviz didn't set up to manufacture or retail goods. Pedviz just kept responding to the problems on our streets; innovating ways to enhance pedestrian visibility ... and the invitations to do more kept coming. From where I sit as a citizen engaged in the subject of pedestrian safety, I can tell you that the public is hungry for things that enhance visibility, discreetly and affordably. A lot of us are concerned, not only for our own safety, but for that of those we love.

At the recent Pedviz pop ups, I heard from people who have things like balance issues and want to factor more visibility into their lives; I heard from people with elderly parents who worry that the loss of agility puts their loved ones more at risk. Parents spoke of their kids, who have yet to comprehend the complexities of driving ... or of simple mortality!

I didn't know how expensive packaging is. The high costs of shipping surprised me. I didn't know about insurance; overhead; cash floats; Square readers; or what it is to be on your feet for 12 hours at a stretch ...! It's been quite an education!

Pedviz will continue to work with what's becoming a burgeoning number of disabled adult communities and we hope that, together, we can continue to bring innovative approaches to the problems of staying safe on our streets. Many thanks for all your support; it's truly appreciated.

Be safe. Be seen.


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