The Miracles and Tragedies of Connectivity

The Miracles and Tragedies of Connectivity

Apple Watch launched today! And thus the countdown to even more dangerous streets begins! By this time in 2015, people will be glued to their wrists checking on their Nike Fuelband SE reading, talking to Siri and all the other usual miracles of connectivity. The trouble is, you'll increase your connectivity to immobile obstacles, like buildings, and signs, as well as other pedestrians - and worse case scenario - to vehicles, if you elect to check your iWatch while driving or walking.
In theory, connectivity is fabulous; in practise, it's killing us. Civic governments and automotive makers are doing what they can to catch up with technological developments but increasingly, our streets - and sidewalks - are getting dangerous in ways we never perceived.
With typical Aussie 'Can-do', Perth, Australia has gotten serious about the escalating problem on technology run rampant. Under the Road Traffic Act a person “must not walk without due care or attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road” or face a $105 fine. In the year and half leading up to July 2014, 62 pedestrians were fined or given warnings. And that was before iWatch hits the pavement.

Heads up, pedestrians!

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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