The Deadliest Day of the Year?

The Deadliest Day of the Year?

What’s the single worst day for your kids to be out walking around? The one day that child pedestrian fatalities spike?
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the USA, the most dangerous day of the year for child pedestrians is – Boo! - Hallowe’en.

It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? That the most dangerous day of the year for kids, is the day we let our kids run riot through the streets. It really is a recipe for disaster:
The streets fill up with pedestrians of all ages. People are in costumes, which are often black and cumbersome. Masks obscure vision. The sky is full with exploding distractions. There are parties for all ages. And of course, the objective of the evening is to load up on free candy. There’s a kind of unwritten law for that night that regular rules don’t apply. That trick or treaters own the street. Well, they do so at their peril. A lot of sad stories have their start on Hallowe’en.
Statistically, summer is the most dangerous time of year for kids but the figures zoom up on the night of Hallowe’en. Have a look at the graph and you’ll see what I mean. The hours between 5 pm and 8 pm are bad, but fatalities leap up between 6 pm and 7 pm.

What’s the worst day of the year for adult pedestrians? New Year’s Day. According to the Journal of Injury Prevention, as many as 58% of pedestrian fatalities have high blood alcohol readings.

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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