Rock; Paper; Scissors – Pedestrian; Bicycle; Vehicle

Rock; Paper; Scissors – Pedestrian; Bicycle; Vehicle

In a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian always loses. Always. The pedestrian may survive, but there will permanent consequences to the injury. The car has a metal exoskeleton; we have a squishy exterior and a delicate undercarriage. No contest. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Abbotsford, BC, Canada wants you to understand what it means when a pedestrian is hit by a car, even at relatively low speeds. In the video I want you to see – and show every one you know! – you’ll see a pedestrian/vehicle collision demonstrated using a dummy.

Remember that: it’s just a dummy. I say this because, even with just a dummy, this is hard to watch. But do watch. Watch and learn. And take those lessons with you when you walk and when you drive.

Be safe. Be seen.


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