Reflectivity Rules the Road!

Reflectivity Rules the Road!

There’s one thing I get asked for all the time. It’s arm bands. Reflective arm bands to affix over a sleeve when walking at night. The idea is that each time a pedestrian steps out in to the dark, he’ll take the time to put one of these on. I suppose a reflective arm band is better than nothing and I’m sure they do a fine job. The problem is remembering to put one on. Pedestrians get struck even when just running a quick errand. The better solution is to have something that’s present at all times. Something that you don’t have to put on, or remember to take with you. Pedviz advocates for discreet, affordable visibility accessories that are ‘on board’ with the wearer at all times. That’s why I like the tassel fobs for a backpack, purse or briefcase. They’re fashionable plus they’re made by a disabled adult workshop what really appreciates the work. You simply put it on the item and forget about it. Which is not to say you forget about taking care out there! No reflective accessory will, in and of itself, keep you safe on the street. Awareness and vigilance are critical, but adding in some reflective features can go a long way to enhancing your visibility.

Be safe. Be seen.


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