PEDVIZ Pops Up…With Great Results!

PEDVIZ Pops Up…With Great Results!

Pedviz has been SO busy! Our pop up shops have been tremendously well received. Thanks to everyone who came out! People showed up with the express purpose of getting their hands on goods that can enhance visibility on the streets. They also really appreciate that almost all of Pedviz's merchandise is made by local disabled adults ... and beautifully made, at that! The fellow pictured here is named Behrous Benejad.
Behrous is involved with Strive, an organization that supports adults with complex challenges. He crochets many of the Pedviz hats and toques that feature visibility. Behrous has hearing problems and language is difficult for him. What's not difficult for him is crocheting! Behrous's fingers just fly! He came along to the Vancouver Holt Renfrew pop up shop and knocked off a few of his beautiful striped hats. Almost every hat he's made has found a purchaser. I'm hoping to get one for myself!

I was also astonished by the number of people whose lives had been forever affected by pedestrian injuries. They sought us out so they could tell us their stories. One man spoke of his son who was struck at age nine and has been in a facility ever since. Another woman wanted to tell me about how she'd been hit by a car ... twice! Everyone spoke of how pedestrians are invisible - and a bit cavalier! - and need to be taking extra care.

It's looking like Pedviz will have another pop up shop coming in January. We're working on having a nice selection of goods for people to choose from. The website only offers a small range of goods as it's hard to guarantee a uniform product in all things - that's the nature of a handmade good. We'll keep you posted about the next pop up ... and will hope to see you there!

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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