Pedestrian Roulette

Pedestrian Roulette

If a hiker coats himself with honey then rolls in bacon bits, no one is surprised when he’s attacked by a bear. Yet when a pedestrian, dressed all in black, with earphones on, walking around texting is hit by a car, everyone is surprised. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Both sets of choices are pretty crazy. And yet, increasingly, pedestrians are putting themselves at tremendous risk as they go about their business. Ask any driver; ask any pedestrian: everyone has a ‘near miss’ story these days. A pedestrian in a technological trance stepping out into traffic, is presuming that every single driver on the road is paying perfect attention. He’s surmising that every driver can perceive his murky self on the street. If the pedestrian is lucky, he’ll get home safely. If he’s not lucky, he’s hit by a car. And luck is a big player in this equation.

That accident becomes a major feature in not one, but two, lives. The driver must live with the trauma and the guilt that accompanies a pedestrian/vehicle collision. And the driver is almost always held legally responsible. In many ways, inattentive pedestrians have a lot to answer for.

Irresponsible pedestrians infuriate Canada’s Rick Mercer. I’m including for you here one of Rick's famous ‘Rants’ on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where he puts reckless pedestrians in the crosshairs.

Be safe. Be seen.


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