Look Left; Look Right. Repeat. And Repeat Again.

Look Left; Look Right. Repeat. And Repeat Again.

Every once in a while I think about the hit-and-run driver who struck my sister-in-law while she was crossing in a marked, signalized crosswalk.

She was crossing with the light.

In front of the Justice Institute.


Two months in hospital.

She was lucky.

If you call that luck.

She suffered, that’s for sure.

But the guy who hit her must be in considerable pain, too.

I don’t know how you could live with yourself, leaving a possibly dying person in the gutter.

But the instinct to flee must be a strong one. It seems we’re seeing more and more hit-and-run accidents all the time. They’re always in the news.

Some of the drivers turn themselves in later.

Some of them are tracked down by the police.

But the ones that get away with it must have considerable anguish and all the medical problems associated with stress.

It’s not like they’re hardened criminals. It’s not as if the accident was planned like a bank heist, or a robbery. It just happened. And it could have happened for any number of reasons.

Momentary inattention.

Sudden distraction.

Or that they really just didn’t – couldn’t – see the pedestrian.

I’m not saying I feel sorry for the hit-and-run driver, but I am saying it’s up to every pedestrian to realize just how tenuous pedestrian safety is now.

Make a resolution to yourself to keep looking left and right when you cross a street.

Left, right; left, right, and again.

Never suppose that, just because you see the car, that the driver sees you.

And when you’re behind the wheel, recognize that, sometimes, pedestrians just aren’t paying attention or don’t have any idea of just how invisible they are.

These days, it’s not enough to just ‘Drive Defensively’; now you have to ‘Walk Defensively’, too.

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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