Life Saving Features No Longer A Luxury

Life Saving Features No Longer A Luxury

Wouldn’t it be something if a car could avert an accident before it happened? If it could sense impending danger, not just to the driver and passengers in the car, but to the people nearby? What if your car really was your co-pilot? Technology keeps evolving toward these ideals but it has taken a while for these developments to trickle down from luxury car manufacturers to the mainstream market.

All that is changing.

In 2016, Ford will introduce a collision warning system that’s more than beeps and buzzers. Ford’s Pre-collision Assist technology alerts you when you’re getting dangerously close to something. Your first warning is an alarm. If the driver doesn’t correct for the looming object, the car pre-sets the brakes bringing them closer to the discs, allowing for tighter stopping time. If then, the driver doesn’t react to the imminent collision, the brakes will do it for him. Ta-da! It’s this sort of technology that will see me kicking tires in the car lots waaay more than in-console coffee heater would! The technology works pretty well for large objects, but pedestrians are trickier to detect. Have a look at what Ford Europe is working on to keep all road users safer.

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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