Injuries and Deaths: Grim Figures

Injuries and Deaths: Grim Figures

At the end of October I felt like an oracle of doom. I was citing the grim statistics that forecasted that by the end of the year, if we kept to what was becoming our usual behaviours, we'd see about two dozen more pedestrian fatalities and about 500 injuries here in BC. The new year is just a few weeks away and, unfortunately, we're on target to achieve that hideous seasonal tally. I can't help but think that if this were happening in, say, the aviation industry, there would be a national call for action. We'd insist on measures that would genuinely address issues related to pedestrian visibility and distraction issues for all road users. We'd DO something about the problem. Instead we get a slightly amped up batch of Public Service Announcements.
It's not that I think there's a quick fix that can be handed down from on high. The fact is that each of us has to take responsibility for our own safety on the streets. It's up to each of us to recognize the risk factors and then respond accordingly. Factoring visibility into your wardrobe is a critical component but the single biggest thing you can do is to amp up your awareness. The automotive industry is innovating to bring on lots of pedestrian-sensing technology but it'll be years before these changes will effect broad change and improvement. So, again: it's up to each of us. Here in British Columbia, Canada the likelihood is that our injury/fatality tallies will continue to rise before the year is out. Take some time to address this problem and implement some solutions. Stop and take inventory: are you invisible on the street? Do you walk distracted by your devices? Make sure you won't be listed amongst these horrible figures.

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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