Danger Close to Home

Danger Close to Home

Does this quote from The Globe and Mail newspaper give you a chill?

“The reality is, pedestrian deaths often exceed homicides in many municipalities, but they tend to only get attention when they are clustered together.”

People are afraid of guns, but not of cars, but more people get killed by cars than do by guns. As cities and towns become commuter communities, more and more, it seems that we’re getting used to the idea that walking is dangerous, but we think of the city as being where the problems lie. The public tends to think that their risk is greater when they’re in the urban centres, but they’re wrong. Pedestrians have a much greater risk of being struck in the suburbs and, using Vancouver as an example, out of the 32 pedestrian fatalities that took place in 2010, only five of them occurred in the city of Vancouver.
So bad things can - and do - happen close to home, and maybe we should start thinking of cars as a concealed weapon?

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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