Asleep at the Wheel

Asleep at the Wheel

It’s not exactly distraction but it can be just as deadly. Driving while drowsy is a big threat to pedestrians. According to the organizations that monitor these sorts of things, as few as about 8% of us get eight or more hours of sleep a night and we’re paying a big price for this on our roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reckons that 100,000 police-reported collisions are the direct result of drowsy drivers behind the wheel. A National Sleep Foundation survey showed that 60% of American drivers admit that they have driven a car while feeling drowsy, and a third of those people say they have actually fallen asleep while operating a car.

These are the sorts of statistics that pedestrians need to be more aware of. If drowsy drivers are responsible as many as one million crashes, half a million injuries and 8,000 deaths annually in the US, this is information to pay attention to. It isn’t always speed, alcohol or device distraction that’s wreaking havoc on our streets. Sometimes its just being too tired.

Be Safe. Be Seen.


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